Friday, May 6, 2011

Easter Pictures

Twice a year we buy matching outfits for the girls: Christmas morning pajamas and Easter dresses.  While we were celebrating Easter at my father's house, we took a bunch of pictures of the girls.  I love the pearl themed headbands, although Sabrina kept taking hers off:
 We told Sabrina to dance to try to get some interesting shots:
 It is so hard to get toddlers to face the camera:
 Sisters ... what are they talking about?
This is why we call Sabrina "smiley:"
 Getting them to hug each other led to several tackles:
 Can you tell Sabrina jumped into my lap?
There was lots of laughter:
 Me and my girls ..
 Robby and the girls ...
 We had a lot of fun staging these shots, with the girls running to us:
Then jumping into our laps:
 Catherine collapsing into Daddy's lap:
 I love the pictures of the girls walking together:

Here is the best  family shot we got:
 Sabrina loves to "fly:"
 Catherine on Robby's shoulder:
 Me and Robby after seven years of marriage:
 This was a hard shot to get because the girls were no longer cooperative:

I like this picture because Catherine was trying to edge in on our couple shot:

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