Monday, May 16, 2011

Camping in the Backyard

Two weekends ago Catherine's Girl Scout Daisy Troop and an older troop combined efforts and camped out in our backyard:
Yes, we used pink tents!!  The girls loved having their own individual tents (we had a Daisy and an older child paired off as buddies - they shared a tent).  Sabrina participated as an honoray Girl Scout because she is too young to really join.  This experience was great for my girls, who I think had never seen a tent pitched, ever been in tent, or seen a tent disassembled.
The girls also had to carry a flashlight around with them every time they walked around in the dark.  The girls loved the flashlights and used them every second they could.  Here is Catherine walking into her tent with the flashlight:
We had a little tent city of seven pink kids' tents and one big "mommy tent."
I did not personally enjoy the camping because I love my bed.  But, the girls loved it and it was certainly a new experience for them.

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