Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Will She Come Back?

We went to my father's house for Easter dinner.  For several days that week, we had been talking about the Easter story with the girls.  We explained Palm Sunday, the Last Supper, the washing of the feet, the crown of thorns, the nailing on the cross, Jesus' death, and the empty tomb. 

During dinner, Catherine asked where my mother was.  I told her that she died. 

Catherine asked "Why?"  I didn't want to say that my mother had died of cancer, because I don't want Catherine to think that cancer equals death.  I want her to believe that she will be fine even though she had cancer.

So I had to think of an answer on the fly, at the dinner table.  I said "It was her time."

Catherine said "OK."  Than she paused for a moment and said "Will she come back like Jesus did?"

Wow.  I guess she was paying attention to our Easter lessons.  I answered her question with "No, sweetie.  Only Jesus can come back to life after dying."

With a child-like faith, Catherine said "OK."  And our Easter dinner resumed.

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