Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why I Blog

I read a lot of blogs through my Google Reader.  I love it and cannot believe that I was blogging for a good year before I knew about readers.  Oh well, live and learn.  If you do not use a reader, it allows you to organize blogs that you have liked in the past and very quickly scan through all of the recent posts at one place.

I have recently done some thinking about why I blog and came up with several reasons:

To have an outlet for my writing urges (years ago I was an English major)
To record the images and stories for my own benefit (it's amazing what I forget)
To record the past for my girls and family
To contribute to the exchange of ideas (nearly all craft/activity ideas are borrowed from others)
To spread awareness about medically fragile children - there is still joy & love to be had!
To explore new technology (when I was in school we didn't even have PC's)

I really do enjoy blogging and hope that you enjoy reading my blog!!