Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tile in the Kitchen!!

We started our kitchen renovation in September 2010.  By Thanksgiving we had a functional kitchen with cabinets and all of the major appliances.  Well, we did not have a vent.  We argued about which vent to buy for a few weeks, then we ignored the issue for a few weeks.  Then, Robby gave me two vents to choose from and I picked one.  So, we ordered it and it arrived over a month ago.

We were ready to install it, but my Dad told us that we needed to put tile up on the walls before we could install the vent.  So, last week we finally picked out some tile and installed it.  Then, Robby grouted it: 
This is a messy project.  I have to laugh about the last few months.  It has been crazy and a good exercise in flexibility.  Thankfully we can no see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Maybe, just maybe, we will get a vent installed tonight.  We'll see!

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