Monday, April 25, 2011

Animal Studies

We have also been continuing with our daily animal studies.  These are so easy to do.  I read a book from the library and then we do a simple craft of the animal.  I try to pick one or two facts about each animal to focus on the kids remembering.  I am only trying to introduce them to different animals and develop their listening comprehension skills.

When we studied the Hippopotamus, the girls seemed most fascinated that hippos have only 4 toes on each foot, can sleep underwater, and lay in the water with just their head sticking out.  I found some wooden animals with stands for fifteen cents each at Michael's, so that is the craft we did:

When we studied Warthogs, the girls thought it was neat that warthogs have tusks like elephants, except they come out of the side of their mouths.  We made paper puppets out of a coloring sheet I found on the internet:
When we studied Llamas, the girls thought it was funny that the word starts with two L's, they have two toes on each foot, llamas only have teeth on the bottom of their mouths, and that they used a backpack, just like they do!  Again, we made a paper puppet:

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