Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What Dissolves?

We do a lot of letter, number, and art activities in our house. I thought it would be fun to try a science activity. I found this idea on some homeschooling blog and thought we would try it. First we tried to define the term "dissolve" for the girls. Then, I picked out about a dozen different powders and the girls mixed them in the water, one at a time.

Here is Sabrina trying to mix coffee grinds in water:

Of course Sabrina did some taste tests:

As we were going, we made two posters, one of things that Dissolve and one of things that Do Not Dissolve.

I think the girls loved this activity and seemed to get a little out of it. When they took a bath a few hours later, they used the toy cups and shampoo to see if it dissolved.

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Tina said...

Fun! We did sink or float a few weeks ago. This week it was watching bananas turn from green to yellow. Next week will be watching water evaporate. You just gave me a great idea for the week after....thanks! We also made popcorn from kernels...doesn't that count as science? :-)