Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ten Commandments Lesson

Due to our last minute vacation thanks to Children Battling Cancer, we got a little behind in our family Bible studies. So, we have had to do some catching up with our studies. Here is our study on the Ten Commandments. First, Robby told the story of Moses going up on Mount Sinai and God giving him the Ten Commandments for the people.

This elicited a lot of questions: What is an idol? But I love Cinderella! What is murder? What is adultery? What is coveting? But I want a Pinkalicious costume! What is bearing false witness? Do I have to do chores on Sunday? It was fun to watch Robby define these terms in toddler-speak on the spot. If you are going to do this at home, you may want to consider how you are going to answer some of these questions.

Then we made stone tablets of the Ten Commandments out of black cardboard paper. We told the kids that the Ten Commandments were very important, so the Israelites could not just leave them lying around the house. Instead, the Israelites built a special box just to keep the Ten Commandments in. We used a shoe box for our "special box:"

I am not sure why Catherine is topless - maybe because she saw me getting the paint out.

We painted our shoe box brown:

Then we affixed paint sticks for handles and the girls carried the Ten Commandments, in their special box, around the house.

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