Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day Paper Quilts

To celebrate Valentine's Day, we did a project we have never done before. We used paper triangles to make shapes and designs that are often used for quilts:

The girls played with these triangles for about half an hour. Neither one of them could copy the designs I gave them, but this was the first time we tried this project.

We did this Monday for the first time. Catherine asked me if we could do it again on Tuesday. We didn't have time, but we certainly will. This is a great activity for spatial reasoning.

Sabrina was no where close to making an actual design, but she had fun!
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Tina said...

Nice activity...gotta try it! Thanks for sharing.

Victoria said...

Tina - the sample quilts and grids are on the Mathwire web site. You can use different colored paper to make it whatever theme you want - Halloween, Christmas, etc. I bet Braden would love it because he loves puzzles so much!!