Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Running the Bases

We have two cameras in our house: the main one which we use all the time and our smaller one which we rarely use. A few days ago I came across the small camera and looked on it to see what pictures we had. What a trip down memory lane - I had forgotten some of the events which were on there!

Last summer we took the girls to a Braves game as part of a UGA event (Robby worked for them at the time). After the game, the kids were allowed to "run the bases." None of us are actually baseball fans, but this was tremendous fun. The line was intimidating it was so long; it covered the ramps from the field all the way up to the top of the stadium. But, the line moved very quickly and we only waited less than half an hour.

Unfortunately, it was very hard to take any pictures. We were not allowed on the actual field with the children (they did have an employee run with Sabrina because she was so young). So here are the girls right before they started running:

Here is Catherine running all the bases (we had to take pictures from the seats):

I was so proud of her because Catherine ran all the bases and did not fall at all. Several children passed her, but that was fine. The employees released kids to run every ten feet or so. Obviously the bigger kids could pass the smaller ones. But Catherine did a fabulous job staying in the sandy area, tapping every base, and running the whole way.

This event was incredibly well organized; they had employees stationed in the infield in case any children decide to run out into the outfield.
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