Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Connection Card

Every Sunday our church includes a "Connection Card" in its bulletin.  All the attendees are asked to fill it out and turn it in, so the church can keep some type of attendance.

On the back of the Connection Card, there is a place to write in any specific Prayer Requests that you may have.  In the past I have written an update of Catherine's medical shenanigans every week.  We would then receive a phone call, and sometimes a handwritten card, from a member of the prayer team.  If I specifically stated that we would be in the hospital, then we usually got a visit from a pastor.  We have been so blessed by the intercessory prayers from Johnson Ferry Baptist Church!

Last week, when I was filling out the Connection Card, I was a little shocked when I flipped it over to the Prayer Request side.  I had nothing to write.  No concerns with Catherine.  Sure, I had petty kindergartener concerns (learning sight words, still writing her numbers backwards), but nothing real.  No tests or procedures on the horizon.  No surgeries to heal from.  No blood counts to stress over.  Nothing. 

What a blessing!!  I remember years ago listening to a sermon from Andy Stanley of Northpoint Community Church.  He said that if you are in a Bible study and it is your turn to say your prayer request and nothing immediately comes to mind, then you do not have a prayer request.   

We are so blessed to be where we are ... and humbled by the simplicity of my petty concerns.  Praise God!
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