Monday, April 5, 2010

In the Car Seat with a Blue Pen

Last Saturday we had an incredibly full day. We went to Kids Workshop at Home Depot at 9 am, gymnastics at 10 am, an Easter Egg Hunt at a church near our house at 11 am, and a birthday party at 1 pm. We just drove from place to place, with no break in between. I was so proud of the girls for being such good troopers and having so much patience.

Unfortunately, between our third and fourth stops, Sabrina got a hold of a blue, ball point pen while she was in the car seat. When we took her out of the car seat to go to the birthday party, look what we found on her legs:

I made Robby take a picture because this is such a great illustration of a lesson I am still learning: God made my girls to be different. Same parents, same house, same church, same TV shows, same books, same toys, same genes.

Yet, Catherine is a prissy, feminine girl who washes her hands because she walked past a mud puddle. Sabrina, however, enjoys getting dirty. It's not just that she doesn't mind getting dirty. She makes herself dirty, seeking out methods and tools to help her in her quest for being dirty. This was no accident. It took some time and effort on Sabrina's part.

Watching my two children and their differences has made me rethink how much of our personalities are inborn, God-given. We are all individuals created the way God wanted us to be.

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