Thursday, March 4, 2010

Color Posters

Last week our friends A and J came over to visit. A is 5, J is 2. Catherine and A made posters of items they found throughout the house & toy room that were a particular color. It was quite the treasure hunt!! My initial thought was that I would tape the items on, but both of them wanted to do all the taping by themselves. It's a good thing I got 9 rolls of tape for free with coupons, because they are not very good tapers yet (LOTS of wasted tape!). These are the end results of our six color posters:

I never know if the kids like the activities we do or not. But, a few days later Catherine asked me if we can make a pink poster. So, I guess she liked the project! Sabrina and J, who are both 2, could not concentrate enough to search for an item of a particular color and bring it to me to put on the correct poster. Maybe next year!
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