Saturday, February 20, 2010

Memory Lane: The Joy of Eating

This is probably a strange picture to take. I am sure very few parents would take this picture. This is Sabrina when she was first starting to eat rice cereal. Because Catherine has never eaten and has been G-tube fed her whole life, we were very nervous about having a second child with a feeding disorder.

We were also like first time parents when it came to feeding. We had no idea how to get a child to eat. In fact, our track record was such that we could not get a child to eat. Would we be able to get Sabrina to eat? Were we incompetent parents with Catherine? Were we mixing rice cereal and water incorrectly? Could we have held the spoon a different way to get her to eat? We experienced a lot of self-blame as a result of Catherine's refusal to eat.

Well, time has revealed that Catherine's refusal to eat is not because of our feeding techniques. Of course we still have no idea why she won't eat. But, we do know that getting Sabrina to eat was never a problem. We simply offered her food. Almost any kind of food. Even if we don't offer her food, we just have to have food in her vicinity and she will eat it. So, we took this picture because we were so impressed that Sabrina would eat a few ounces of rice cereal. In our house, that was a cause for celebration!
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