Monday, January 11, 2010

"Ordinary Times"

One of the reasons I scrapbook and I blog is to remember our lives. Years from now I hope we will go through the blog and scrapbooks I have created and remember the precious times we had. Birthdays, holidays, trips, celebrations.

But I also thought I should include some "ordinary times" in our family. The evenings after dinner when we are sitting in our family room playing.

So, in that vein I have decided to start taking pictures of our daily life. I created a new section of my blog called "Ordinary Times" in which I hope to post pictures of our daily life. The "nothing special" times.

Of course these are the MOST special times. We are relaxed. We are not trying to impress guests. We are not trying to create or maintain holiday traditions. We are not trying to squeeze all the value we can out of a trip or outing. We are not at a hospital stressing about some procedure or test. We are just BEING.

Here is Sabrina, clearly after dinner (note the messy shirt and face). She is with two of her favorite toys: Elmo and the spinning gear toy. My brother and his family gave her that spinning gear toy, which at first seems to be surprisingly simple. All you do is push the button and the interlocking gears spin while music plays for ten seconds. Yet, Sabrina (and Catherine too) can play with that toy every day without tiring of it.

Catherine also loves puzzles and flashcards. This is one of her favorite sets, because she can make 26 completed "puzzles."

Both the girls love games. This version of Candy Land is special to us because it was a gift from Give Kids the World Village, where we stayed on our Make A Wish trip. Instead of the traditional areas on the Candy Land board, different sections of the Village appear. Catherine has finally figured out all the rules and will play the game "correctly." Sabrina still just grabs at things and moves the game pieces and colored cards around.
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table43 said...

What a cool idea! I may have to copy it from you.