Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Memory Lane: Sabrina's First Fourth

These pictures were taken on the Fourth of July in 2008. Sabrina was 6 months old and Catherine was one month (well almost two months) shy of three years old. Our fabulous neighborhood has a parade, BBQ and pool party every Fourth of July. So, we dressed the girls up in all the red, white and blue clothes we could find. We also decorated their wagon and "marched" in the parade with all of our neighbors.

After we got home, we sat around the family room, playing. Robby noticed that Sabrina had wiggled so much that her headband had slid down her forehead and was covering her eyes. Of course, that caused her to wiggle substantially more!

I love these pictures, even if they are a bit out of focus. Now that Sabrina is just over two years old, it is hard for me to remember her baby fat days. Her arms look like a miniature sumo wrestler. Her hair, which now requires regular bang trims and goes down past her shoulders, was so short in these pictures!

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