Saturday, December 5, 2009

No Sympathy

I don't have any boys to compare, but little girls can be very DRAMATIC. Sometimes I wonder if I am raising future Academy Award winners. I cannot remember why Catherine was crying, but I do remember that it was such a minuscule thing that neither Robby or I even raised a finger to console her. Instead, Robby photographed Catherine's two minute tirade. I am so grateful that both my girls' tantrums are very short lived. The most common "cause" of the tantrums are being told NO by one of us.

Before you think we are bad parents, keep in mind that Robby took pictures every few seconds. I promise you that this entire tantrum lasted only two or three minutes. Also, we do always console our children when injured, etc. But, if they are reacting like this to appropriate limits we have established, we simply ignore them.

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Carolyn said...

Oh Trauma!!! What hardship!!
(I love the progression ending with the head on the table.) =)