Monday, December 28, 2009

Mommy Says ...

Things I have heard myself saying recently:

- Do not start te-teeing until you get to the potty.

- Pull your pants and your panties down before you sit down on the potty.

- Wipe yourself before you pull your panties and your pants back up.

- Don't leave the potty until after you finish te-teeing. Seriously. Just sit there a few more minutes and finish.

- You cannot use half a square of toilet paper to wipe yourself; you need more than that.

- You do not need 20 squares of toilet paper to wipe yourself; put some back.

- Why are you washing your hands first? Use the potty first, then wash your hands.

- Why is Cinderella soaking wet? Remember what we talked about: the princess like to stay dry all day. That is why we have a potty for you.

Can you tell we are going through potty training? I had no idea this process would take so many reminders from me.

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