Monday, December 14, 2009

The Charm of Toddlers

I have only been raising children for four years, so I can only speculate what it is like to parent school aged kids, middle school kids, teenagers, or adults. All I know (so far) are babies and toddlers.

Babies are cute and adorable. So simple and innocent. And I can never forget the SMELL of a freshly bathed baby with Johnson and Johnson baby lotion rubbed on her! What a fabulous smell.

BUT, toddlers are charming. As I watch my kids explore their world and increase their "skill set," I am frequently amused. I laugh at their antics, thinking "If she were an adult, this would not be funny. I would (and rightfully so) think she was drunk if she did this when she is 20. But, since she is a toddler, it is a wonderful attempt at gaining skills and independence. I am proud. Ten years from now, the exact same behavior will bring me shame and sadness."

This is some of the behavior that is cute NOW:

- Taking three attempts to put a shirt on.
- Losing your balance and falling over trying to put a shirt on.
- Needing your sister to help you remove your socks.
- Eating ketchup with your fingers.
- Needing five spoons to finish a meal (because the first 4 hit the floor).
- Getting a thrill out of jumping off the curb.
- Brushing a stuffed animal's teeth (with a toothbrush and toothpaste).
- Screaming out "I am pooping in my pants Mommy" while we are in the car.
- Tilting a cup with a straw completely upside down so you can't drink any liquid.
- Trying to change the channel while pointing the remote control at the wrong wall.
- Borrowing my cell phone to call Princess Belle and tell her "Hi."
- Crying because the pink crayon broke while you were coloring.
- Squealing with delight because you found the purple crayon in the box of crayons.
- Misunderstand the chant Daddy is trying to teach at the hockey games and scream out "Let's go crash cars" instead of "Let's go Thrashers."
- Hide behind a chair when the Thrashers mascot approaches you.
- Get a sticker stuck on one of your fingers. Really stuck. Crying over it.
- Demanding a band-aid for a boo-boo that does not involve blood or cut skin.
- Applying chapstick to your chin, cheek, neck, AND lips.
- Applying chapstick to a stuffed animal's chin, cheek, neck and lips.
- Needing three wipies to clean your hands after eating one lollipop.
- Requiring a complete bath after eating a popsicle.
- Getting syrup in your hair while eating pancakes.
- Being completely unable to coordinate the proper placement of your mouth when trying to drink from a water fountain. Getting your ears, hair, nose, cheek completely soaked in the attempt.
- Taking serious pride in learning the words to "Jingle Bells."
- Counting your fingers and getting a total of 12. Or 9.
- Correcting Mommy when I mess up the words to the Barney "I love you" song.
- Getting the trash can and the clothes hamper confused, putting dirty diapers in the laundry and throwing out a new dress.

My children frequently amuse me. Every day I am amazed at what they say and do. These are precious times!


Robby said...

You forgot to add where she says and signs at the same time, "No more, Daddy STOP!"

{ jamie } said...

I'm so glad you're keeping up with these things; it's sadly amazing how many things you forget, even when you think you never will.