Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Tree

I love reading other people's blogs for ideas of things I can do with my kids. Jamie, a friend of ours from church, did this with her family the entire month of November. I am not nearly as organized as she is, so I just did it on Thanksgiving day before dinner. We hung a large piece of paper on the wall and my Dad drew a tree on it and wrote some Scriptures regarding thankfulness on it.

We then asked the girls what they were thankful for and wrote their answers on fall colored leaves, which the girls hung on the tree. The girls' favorite part was being held up by Grandpa so they could put leaves on the tall branches.

I really did not think Catherine knew what the word "thankful" meant, so I had envisioned this becoming a lesson for her. But, when I asked her what she was thankful for, her first response was "the toy room." Her second response was "bracelets." Even though those are materialistic responses, at least I knew that she knew the concept. She did eventually list all the members of her family and her church. Of course she included "princesses."

For Sabrina, who can barely talk at this point, we made leaves for her for her sippy cup, milk, Barney, cheese, and her doll. Robby and I made leaves for jobs, good doctors, and Catherine's port removal.
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