Thursday, October 1, 2009

What is God's Birthday?

I have decided to start a new section on my blog called Tough Questions. These are questions that my kids ask me which stop me in my tracks. Questions I either don’t know how to answer or am completely surprised my child asked me. I want to remember these questions years from now, so I will record some of those questions here.

A few months ago we taught Catherine when her birthday is – August 26. She asked when my birthday was, Daddy’s, sister’s, Grandpa’s. So, we taught her everyone’s birthday. She has an amazing memory and learns things very quickly.

A few times a week I quiz Catherine on her address, her first and last name’s spelling, the days of the week, my phone number, Daddy’s phone number, and all of our birthdays. I usually do this while we are in the car driving somewhere.

Yesterday Catherine asked me when Addison’s birthday was (her cousin). Then she asked about Dylan (her other cousin), Peter (her uncle), and Lynn (her aunt). Then Catherine said to me “when is God’s birthday?”

My first reaction was to explain that God transcends our understanding of physical life and that He has always been in existence, even before He created the earth. Should I tell her that God wasn’t born, doesn’t age, and will never die?

Fortunately, before I could speak, I remembered that Catherine is only 4 and advanced theology may confuse her. Then I thought of the trinity. Of course, we have yet to discuss the trinity with Catherine. But, she knows that Jesus was a person. So, because He was a person, He must have a birthday which Catherine can understand.

While I was thinking, Catherine repeated her question “When is God’s birthday?” I had rattled off everyone else’s birthday instantly. Yet I had to think about God’s birthday. I answered the question with “December 25,” we call that day Christmas.

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Tina said...

What a great post, Victoria. And great idea to keep track of the questions your kids ask. :-)