Sunday, October 4, 2009

First (Well, Almost) Pictures

Here are the "almost first" pictures ever taken of each of my girls. In the first pictures we have of Sabrina, she is still bloody, etc. This is the first picture we have of Sabrina that I feel comfortable posting on the world wide web:

That picture of Sabrina was taken about ten minutes after she was born. Sabrina was so serious about her eating when she was a baby. We were always so shocked because Catherine never ate, no matter how much effort we exerted. With Sabrina, we simply placed the bottle in her mouth and held it there while she sucked all the milk out.

When Catherine was born, Robby took some half in me, half out of me pictures of her, but I don't feel comfortable posting them because you will see my uterus and it is pretty gross. So, here is the first picture of Catherine I feel comfortable posting:

Of course we were just thrilled that Catherine was born alive, and could breath and circulate blood on her own. It was so wonderful to hear her screams; such an awesome sign of energy and life! It is so amazing how innocent children are when we first meet them!
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