Sunday, October 18, 2009

Catherine's Princess Party

For Catherine's fourth birthday party, we had a princess theme. Catherine started the party dressed as Sleeping Beauty, but switched to Tinkerbell after just a few minutes. Shortly thereafter, some special guests came to the door.

When Catherine opened the door, she was so excited to see Cinderella, Belle AND Tinkerbell there. They brought her a rose and a birthday card. Then the princesses and fairy ran the "La-Ti-Da spa" for all the girls. We had three stations: hair, nails, and make-up.

Everyone loved getting their nails done; Sabrina probably had ten coats of various colored nail polish by the end of the party.

Tinkerbell handled the make-up. The girls kept returning to her station for "touch-ups."

After the spa portion of the party was over, the princesses and fairy sang Happy Birthday to Catherine and helped her open her gifts. Then we took group pictures.
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